On November 7, 2001 the day after his 35th birthday, Cal Eaton suicided. Cal left behind a wife, two young boys, his mother, sister, brother and more family and friends than he realized.

Cal was truly my best friend. It's been almost twelve years since Cal's suicide and I still miss him just as much. I wish he were still with us, watching his sons become men and spending quality time with his family and friends. Simply, it's the future with my big brother that is missed.

The Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas has helped my mother, sister and myself learn to grieve for Cal. I was reluctant to go to the first meeting of an eight-week program, but I made a commitment to my mother to give it a chance. Mom was right, for eight weeks I bonded with people who had lost a loved one to suicide and realized I wasn't alone. It is unfortunate the Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas has to exist, but I am grateful it does.

The center operates on grants and donations. In return for their help and support, I am raising funds through individual and corporate pledges. These pledges will aid in supporting my endeavor to run in The DRC Half Marathon at Norbuck Park in Dallas. All pledges raised will be donated to the Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas.

This year's DRC Half Marathon will serve as my stepping-stone for the Run For Cal event. It is my goal to create an individual marathon that will serve future events and funding for the Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas. Through my efforts and those of others, I can help families who have suffered the loss of a loved one and give them the means to take the first step to healing.

This year's race commences on Sunday, November 3, 2013; which would have been Cal's 45th birthday. My efforts in this half marathon will testify to the worthiness of a center who has aided our family in our time of need and will mark the darkest day in my family's life with hope for the future and enlighten the memories of a father, husband, son, brother and friend – Cal.

Please e-mail any questions or comments to: blake@runforcal.com